Aviso de trabajo postdoctoral en el Centro de Tecnologías Ambientales (CETAM), Valparaíso, Chile

El Centro de Tecnologías Ambientales (CETAM) de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), convoca a los candidatos postdoctorales con el doctorado en Química Atmosférica, Geoquímica, Glacioquímica, Climatología, o en Geología, Glaciología, Química, con especialidad en áreas de Química Ambiental, Química Analítica Ambiental, Química Atmosférica y / o Climatología. Postulación abierta hasta el 13 de enero de 2020. Postdoctorado comienza en marzo de 2020. Duración: 2 años, extendibles 2 años más, según la evaluación de desempeño.

Aviso original (original notice):

The Centre for Environmental Technology (CETAM) at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), calls to tender for postdoctoral candidates with the PhD degree in Atmospheric Chemistry, Geochemistry, Glaciochemistry, Climatology, or in Geology, Glaciology, Chemistry, with a minor or emphasis in areas of Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and/or Climatology, and which meets the following criteria: 

  1. The candidate must have obtained the PhD starting on January 1, 2015 until November 1, 2019. For female researchers who have had children in this period, the period considered to get your degree is from January 1, 2014. To access this benefit, will be required to submit birth certified of son in your application.
  2. If you have performed studies in foreign institutions, the applicant may submit a certificate issued by the competent authority stating the date obtained a doctoral degree or have fulfilled the requirements for obtaining it.
  3. Training and experience in the use of different instrumental techniques for identifying sources of chemical contaminants in different environmental matrices for studying the geological, chemical, morphological, etc. characteristics of the samples from the interface between the atmosphere and the cryosphere.
  4. Training and experience in the application of different instrumental techniques like georeferencing, satellite imagery, remote sensing, etc., applied to environmental pollution problems and climate change.
  5. Must have ability to integrate multidisciplinary teams, high commitment to the work and research of both scientific interest and technological development included commercial application, initiative and creativity.
  6. The position requires both fieldwork and laboratory work, located in Valparaíso.
  7. The research work considers the performance of monitoring campaigns in glaciers located in the Andes mountain area of Chile.
  8. Desirable that the candidates have training in mountain activities and ideally possess additional knowledge in field monitoring campaign.
  9. Desirable that the candidates have training and experience in different analytical instrumental techniques and the design and development of research projects in areas of Atmospheric Chemistry, Analytical, Environmental Chemistry, and Climate Change. 10. Certificate Proficiency in English (written and spoken) required.

Interested send your updated CV to Ms. Marcela Aranda, Secretary of CETAM at E-Mail: marcela.aranda@usm.cl, with copy to Prof. Dr. Francisco Cereceda, Director of CETAM at E-Mail: francisco.cereceda@usm.cl. 

At the time of interview the candidate should submit a single copy of title and grade, and a minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation. 

Send your application until: January 13, 2020. Postdoctoral Start on: March, 2020. Duration: 2 years extendable to another 2 years more, depending on the performance evaluation. 

Not be able to participate: 

Those who have outstanding debts or debts with CONICYT or other government agency. Those who have received funding for a FONDECYT – CONICYT project: “Postdoctoral” in previous competitions, Responsible Researchers in “Regular Projects” or existing or finished “Research Initiation Projects”. Those who have been awarded, accept, running or finished a National Competition for Inserting 

Advanced Human Capital in Academy Project of the CONICYT Those receiving funding “Return Researchers from Abroad Support” or “Attraction and Integration of 

Advanced Human Capital Program” from CONICYT

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